About Therapy

It takes courage to make that first step of engaging with a counsellor. I offer you an opportunity to talk through the issues and difficulties you are experiencing in a relaxed environment, without fear of judgement and in complete confidence. I will not ask intrusive questions but allow you to tell me what is important to you. As your confidence grows we will build up a relationship of mutual trust based on openness and honesty which will enable you to move forward.

People seek counselling for all kinds of reasons; personal development, enhancing self esteem and confidence, relationship difficulties, bereavement, loss, management of anger, as well as life crippling issues such as depression and anxiety, traumatic experiences, childhood issues, and addictive behaviour. Whatever challenge you are facing, counselling has the potential to help you.

Counselling gives you an opportunity to reflect on your life and the events that have shaped you and which have made you the person you are today: your thoughts, feelings and responses to situations. It enables you to gain perspectives on them and an understanding of yourself. Sometimes this process is painful, but I will support and guide you through it.

This awareness and understanding of ourselves enables us to make choices about our life and to change the way we respond to situations and people. Sometimes it is enough to understand what makes you the person you are, giving you the freedom to accept yourself.

Research has shown that ‘successful counselling’ is primarily a result of the relationship of trust and understanding that is built between the counsellor and client, rather than the theoretical approach of counselling that is offered. It has also shown that most people find counselling beneficial.


I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

Carl Jung.