I wasn’t convinced that counselling would help me, but Claire immediately put me at ease and I began to hope again. My life has been turned around.

Claire has helped me enormously through a very anxious and difficult time in my life. Her compassion and expertise has been invaluable and I don’t know how I would have coped without her. 

Claire is an intuitive insightful counsellor who has the client’s interests deeply at the heart of her humanistic approach. Empathetic, nurturing, imaginative & supportive: Claire provided support during a period of significant transition. This was successful – in no doubt due to the counselling received. Claire makes every effort to create a warm, safe, compassionate environment in a lovely wooden hut in her garden. Precious space!

Counselling sessions with Claire vastly improved my confidence and self-esteem

Claire has provided me the knowledge and strategies to overcome my anxiety to an extent where it is no longer affecting my life on a regular basis. Claire’s kindness, compassion and understanding has played a key part in my recovery, and I’m extremely grateful to her for the support she has given.

Meeting with Claire has helped me regain my self-respect

I first decided to go and see Claire after a very difficult period in my life, spanning over 18months. I appeared to be coping well and portrayed to the outside world a confident, professional, vivacious woman who was running a successful business and juggling lots of personal and social balls. Inside my head was a very different scene. I was permanently fearful and anxious, full of self-doubt, unimaginable sadness, completely lacking in confidence and totally out of control of my life. I felt both physically and mentally exhausted and drained. All I looked forward to was crawling into bed at night, in the dark, where I could hide and didn’t have to speak or communicate with anyone.

Claire helped me to ‘unpick’ all of these feelings and emotions in a way I could understand. She taught me that I could not erase what had happened from my memory but could learn to deal with those feelings and emotions in a way that would help me to deal with them as they arrive and move on with my life in a different way. I learnt the physical and emotional triggers that made me feel that way and how to overcome them.

I have continued to see Claire, although not as often, as I believe that my mental wellbeing is a ‘work in progress’. I feel more in control as I learn how my mind processes certain information and feel I am making a lot of progress to being a much more settled person inside than I ever was. I still have ‘down’ days and I still have the panicky feeling when one of those triggers is set off but I now know how to deal with them so that it doesn’t escalate out of control and I end up in the very dark place I was before.